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"Chris is one of the most fearless, genuine, and inspiring people I've ever met. His story is incredible, and his passion to help and empower others leaves you speechless..."

-Brad Layzell, CEO PX3 Brain Science

"I am always inspired and motivated after talking with you!  You are always willing to lend a helping hand and create a fun and inclusive environment everywhere we go. You are always smiling and I am honored and privileged to be a KidSport Ambassador with you!

Hayley Daniels, Olympian


Kevin Webster

KidSport Caglary

“I am a better person thanks to the relationship I have been able to build with Chris.  It was KidSport that originally connected us and it continues to be your quiet leadership that leaves me inspired as you do good for our community.  I am fortunate to call you a friend and even more fortunate to witness the ever growing impact you have on those around you."

George Canyon

Country Singer

"Chris is and always has been an inspiration to so many people, including me.  His tenacity for staying healthy, his kindness, and willingness to help others is very commendable and I consider Chris a true brother."


More testimonials on their way.


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